The time I tried to date and realised what a mess I am

Recently I tried the dating game –

-after coming out of a year and a half relationship. And before that year and a half relationship, I had been single for a week. After ending a year long relationship.

So as you’ve probably guessed already, I am a little out of touch when it comes to being single. But that did not prepare me for the mother of all blunders I made.

And, begin story.

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Happiness in…the Happiness Inn


Happiness Inn

Rating: 8/10front-pic

Telephone: 01912325969

Address: 91A Percy St, City Centre, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RW

If you ask most people in Newcastle where to find the Happiness Inn, they’ll reply with ‘where’s the what?’ However, it is unfair to say that the Happiness Inn is hard to find, seeing as it is situated very close to Haymarket metro station. Almost hidden in plain sight on a very busy street, this establishment could be considered the underground of Chinese restaurants.

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