Finally Starting a Blog

Okay, so this is now my official blog in which I will be documenting and, well, blogging various aspects of life relevant to me. And hopefully, (if anyone else even reads it, that is) to you.

I will be writing a whole bunch of different pieces, bouncing around reviews, opinion pieces, general news that appeals to me and of course, stories regarding my life.

And with that, perhaps it is time to introduce myself. I am a journalism student who resides in the North East of England. One of my aims in life is to -big shocker- pursue a career in journalism. I am currently 19 years old and I am marvellously average in many ways. Going into my second year of university, I currently share a flat with two of my best friends. I am very close to starting university again (sometime within the next 3 weeks I believe) and I am betting the next month will involve a lot of alcohol, crying and sleeping as any student can attest to when on their journey through higher education.

You might be wondering why the name of my blog is ‘Not a goddamn fashion blog’. Well, that is due to the everlasting lack of fashion in this blog. Oh, you weren’t wondering? Fantastic.

In all seriousness, though, this blog will include very little fashion because I am not a fashionista or model or essentially stylish in anyway. That’s not to say I have something against fashion blogs – quite the opposite actually. I respect anyone who can coordinate or critique a piece of fashion and make sense. But enough on the title. That’s the least important thing about this whole blog idea.

I love writing. Always have done, always will. That makes me no different to literally a million teenage girls on the internet, you say? Well, you’re entirely right. Although I at least hope I can make something worthwhile of this…project blog thing nightmare endeavour. At least that way, when I’m sobbing over my dissertation I can think ‘well, hey at least I had some fun along the way.

Now that I’m finished introducing my intentions for this blog, feeling much too like an introduction for a GCSE essay, I should probably start working on some actual content.

So…peace out?




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